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Affordable Dental Insurance Also Offered...Prevention & Wellness


Paying to get a toothache treated can hurt almost as much as
the tooth itself, especially if you don’t have dental insurance! Starmount offers up to seven different dental plans so you can take advantage of important, wellness-promoting benefits while meeting your budget and oral health needs.
 Starmount's  plans emphasize prevention and wellness, provide access to provider networks for out-of-pocket savings, and include innovative tools like the AlwaysAssist mobile app and websites that extend customer self-service 24/7.

Making dental care affordable for all Ohioans

​​Ohio Dental Plans also offers affordable Dental Insurance through Starmount™. You may choose from up to seven fully insured dental plan options for individuals or families. Which option you choose is an individual decision, which should be based on your dental care needs, budget 
​and preferences.

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